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We are not responsible for any data, content, service, or product that you access, download, receive or buy while using our service.

We do not have any obligation to block information, transmissions, or access to some certain information, services, products, and domain to protect the Services, our network, the public of our users.

We are not responsible to third party websites. Access to third party website is at your own risk. Neverblock is not responsible for the accuracy, availability or reliability of any information, goods, data, opinions, advice or statement made available on Third Party Website. This links may also lead to third party website that is containing information that some people may find inappropriate or offensive. The third party website are not under control of Neverblock.

Neverblock is not liable for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with us of or reliance on any Third Party Website.

Nevervlock will attempt to make the service available all the time. VPN service coverage, speeds, server locations and quality may vary. However our service may be subject to unavailability for a variety of factors beyond our control including but not limited to emergencies, third party service failures, transmission, equipment, or network problems or limitation, interference, or signal strength, and may be interrupted, refused, limited, or curtailed.

Neverblock reserves the rights to investigate matters we consider to be violations of these Terms. We are not obligated to our sole discretion, and without notice, remove, block, filter, or restrict by any means any materials, or information that we consider to be actual or potential violations of the restrictions set forth in these terms and any other activities that may subject Neverblock or its customers to liability.