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Browse the internet privately, anonymously and securely.

Welcome To Neverblock

Browse the internet privately, anonymously and securely.
  • Video from anywhere

    Watch the content you want from any country on earth

  • Secure websites access

    Browse safely without blocked by any hackers

  • Easy To Use

    You can secure your connection in one click

How Neverblock Works?

  • Using a VPN is like having a PO box on the internet - an address that no one can trace back to you.
  • Instead of giving out its real IP address when you click on a website, your computer gives one of ours.
  • The website's data is delivered to our address - and then we forward it to you, instantly and securely.
  • The result? You appear to be wherever our server is located, allowing you to access the Internet like a local, wherever you are in the world.
  • And snoopers and hackers online can't trace your activity back to your real address and find out who or where you are.


  • Access All Website

    As every online web proxy, this free proxy service may allow you to access websites anonymously, bypass website blocks/filters and browse websites blocked in your computer or mobile device

  • Fast Proxy Servers

    This proxy runs on very fast web servers that are capable of handling more than 200Mb/s of bandwidth. This allows you to browse websites anonymously and very quickly, with almost no delays or slowdowns

  • Sysops-Friendly

    This free web proxy can be useful not only for regular Internet users, but also for System and Network Administrators to test if a website is online, verify if a website is blocked in a network, and much more

  • Improve Anonymity

    Improve your online anonymity by hiding/obfuscating your real IP address while visiting websites. For 100% online anonymity we recommend you to buy a professional and reliable VPN service

  • Web Proxy Benefits

    With a web proxy you can be anonymous online, hide your IP address, hide your traces online, visit websites anonymously, save Internet bandwidth. Use this service ethically and read out terms

  • Free Web Proxy

    Yes, this web proxy is completely free to use and we don't ask you anything in exchange (except to use it ethically). If you have found this web proxy useful and cool, please share it with your friends


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